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Wheat, the root of a precious food.

Ours is Sicilian Durum Wheat

Our pasta is made only with fine varieties of Sicilian durum wheat, enhanced by the ancient wisdom of the best Sicilian farmers.

Ours is resilient, healthy, excellent quality durum wheat with a high concentration of proteins. Additionally, the favourable climate of the area, where temperatures often exceed 44°C in the summer period, helps reduce the quantity of mycotoxins (often present in wheat and so also in pasta) to a minimum. In fact, in some annual harvests, it may even be eliminated completely.

Sicilian wheat is unique in the world: excellent.



“The durum wheat variety that best exploits the environmental and climatic characteristics of the Sicilian landscape.”



“A new variety of wheat that adapts and responds most effectively to the climatic changes currently taking place.”



“The proteins of Sicilian wheat are particularly suitable for the production of pasta, endowing it with unique organoleptic characteristics and a high cooking resistance.”


Wheat is Sicily’s gold

“Sicily grows 20% of the wheat produced in Italy.
Valle del Grano pasta embodies the commitment, quality and healthiness of the production of Sicilian durum wheat varieties.”


Sicilian farmers

“The most important figure in our production chain.
We process the products of our Sicilian farmers carefully and passionately to achieve the best possible results, bringing the goodness of their wheat from field to table.”


Prof. Fortunato Calcagno

“Breeder of new varieties of cereals + for over 50 years engaged in the improvement of the varieties of the cereals and the Sicilian durum wheat that we use today for Valle Del Grano.”


Our wheat

We only use the finest Sicilian wheat varieties. The meticulous care with which our expert professionals analyse the hygienic, chemical and physical characteristics of the crop guarantee an excellent selection of the top product.


The health aspect

“The favourable climate of the area, which, in the summertime can often exceed 44° C, ensures that the mycotoxin load (often present in the wheat and therefore also in the pasta) is reduced to the minimum or completely eradicated in some annual crops.”

The finest varieties of wheat