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Payment methods

On our website, you can purchase our pasta and the other products that Valle del Grano offers Users in the online shop from time to time.

The wide range of possible payment methods ensure that all Users can find a suitable way to purchase our products easily, securely and rapidly.

The User can choose their preferred payment method in the page that summarises the order and before finalising the online purchase.

The payment methods available on the website are listed below

  • Credit card: we accept all major credit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery
  • Postepay
  • Paypal

We are also working to add additional payment methods, so offering the User more choices and making it easier to purchase our goods online.

We use secure payment protocols to protect your data and your privacy. The data of your credit card are sent, via a protected connection in SSL cryptography (Secure Socket Layer) through systems of third parties specialised in the management of online payments. On our Website we use Stripe and Paypal.

This procedure is absolutely secure and ensures that no-one can ready the data sent via Internet in any way. As a result, neither EAG – Eccellenza Degli Antichi Granai, nor anyone else will be capable of coming into possession of the personal information about the card bearer or the card number.

Additional information and support
If you are having problems using the methods described above, please contact us using the form present on the Customer Service page of our Website, or write directly to [email protected], leaving us your contact details. We will provide all the support you need to complete the purchasing procedure and/or obtain all the information you need.