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About us


Eccellenza degli Antichi Granai (EAG) has an ancient history and origins deeply rooted in wheat and the local territory.
For generations, the Miritello family has nurtured its love of nature and its passion for its homeland Sicily, successfully passing down one of the most noble arts of all from father to son: the art of tending to the land.

Indeed, the family has always focused mainly on the cultivation of durum wheat since as early as the late 1800s. Over the years it has acquired the experience and skills needed to make it one of the biggest producers of durum wheat in the Sicilian hinterland, also thanks to its continuous and ever-increasing investments in land.

The company was founded in 1950 in Catenanuova, in the Sicilian province of Enna, the warmest municipality in Europe.
Back then, it was a single member company managed by the head of the family, Mr Salvatore, who cultivated durum wheat with great passion and dedication in these lands, once labelled the “Granary of the Republic” by the Ancient Romans.


The durum wheat crops flourished and were extended.


Increased focus on cultivation of selected wheat varieties, investments in research and machinery.


From the production to the distribution of agrofood products.


EAG – Eccellenza Degli Antichi Granai is founded

EAG, the ultimate Sicilian in terms of excellence

In 1980, Salvatore’s sons, Prospero and Felice, continuing in their father’s footsteps, extended their crops to include olive groves and in 1996 founded the company Agro Catena Srl. This new company immediately focused on the quality of the end product, and it concentrated on cultivating different qualities of selected durum wheat, legumes and olive oil.

Today the Miritello cousins, the grandchildren of founder Salvatore – whom they are named after – have taken over the helm of the company, optimising its research, developing the areas dedicated to wheat farming and managing the products to be produced and sold.

Developing the skills handed down from the older generations, and always with a view to continue investing in innovation and exploiting the benefits of the local territory and its products, the new generation bought a pasta factory of which they were the main wheat suppliers and opened the “EAG – Eccellenza Degli Antichi Granai pasta” plant.


“The fundamental, stimulating essence of this life itinerary of a family from Catenanuova is its indestructible connection with the past and its traditions.” (From the book “Gocce di Catenanuova” by Salvatore Li Mura)

Cultural events and initiatives

The family and the company promote cultural activities to strengthen its links with the territory, incentivising the agricultural market and the traditions connected to it. Members of the cultural association Terra Nostra are promoters of trade events and exhibitions.

The “Sagra del Grano” (Festival of Wheat), a regular event in Catenanuova (in the province of Enna), attracts thousands of tourists, who crowd into the ancient streets of the town to admire a myriad of ancient objects and “relive” the local traditions and a piece of Sicilian agricultural and farming history.