Valle del Grano is authenticity, quality and taste


Made only with selected Sicilian durum wheat


High quality proteins


Very low mycotoxin content


Bronze die extrusion


Slow drying time


Vacuum mixing

100% Sicily

Made only with Sicilian Durum Wheat

Valle del Grano is produced in Sicily using a process that begins with the selection of the finest varieties of wheat and ends with the sale of the pasta.
We make the most of the rich value of our territory and the work of the Sicilian farmers throughout the entire pasta production process.
And this is why Valle del Grano is a highly motivated and enthusiastic supporter of the Legambiente campaign for Quality Italian Agriculture.
Valle del Grano pasta: the consumers’ choice.
The QUALITY AWARD is a title that recognises and rewards the quality of food products, and it is currently the only award in Italy that directly engages Italian consumers, in a product tasting and evaluation experience. An award that signifies merit, a quality guarantee and total satisfaction.

Valle del Grano pasta is produced under the warm Sicilian sun, in line with the finest Mediterranean tradition.
It absorbs the colour and warmth of our sun, makes these its own.
It is made in the heart of Sicily (Dittaino Valley) and is fruit of the ideal climate for cultivating an authentic product of Italian agriculture.
We sustain the goodness of nature (from seed to wheat, from semolina to pasta) to create a pasta that is 100% Sicilian.

Our Valley of values

Dittaino Valley:
Granary of the Roman Republic

Since Roman times, the Dittaino Valley, the only flat section of land between the provinces of Catania and Enna, has favoured the cultivation of durum wheat. Valle del Grano pasta originates in the fertile valleys of wheat in the heart of Sicily, where the sun reaches 45 degrees, giving the wheat its intense shade of yellow.

Fine Quality durum wheat

Valle del Grano pasta is produced using fine varieties of Sicilian durum wheat, carefully tended to by the ancient wisdom of the top Sicilian farmers.
Our wheat is a fine quality, healthy, hard variety, providing a flavour that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. It takes shape in tasty, superior quality pasta, capable of embodying all the flavour and warmth of the extraordinary land from which it originates.

Bronze Die Extrusion
and Slow Drying

The bronze die extrusion and slow drying phases are two of the key elements of our production process, and they give Valle del Grano pasta its rich taste and special porous texture, while preserving the organoleptic qualities and nutritional properties of the wheat. We only use bronze dies to ensure that our pasta is rougher and easier for pasta sauce to cling to.

ValledelGrano pasta

From the more traditional long and short shapes, to soup pasta.

Short Pasta

Long Pasta

Soup Pasta

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